The 1990s Fashion Book


The 1990s Fashion Book is a tribute to the unique fashion of that time. Flashy, colourful, casual and sexy, these were the attributes that applied back then. Top models, hip-hoppers or pop groups like Take That and the Spice Girls exemplified a fashion style that triggered a boom all over the world.

It is fair to say that, in retrospect, hardly any other decade has had such a formative effect on modern times as the 1990s. It is considered a decade of revolution, in which almost everything that had existed before changed at breakneck speed. This is when ground-breaking technologies such as the internet or nationwide mobile telephony came into being, without which our lives today would be unimaginable.

Modern pop culture and current fashion design originate to a large extent from the cradle of the ’90s. Sub-trends of the time such as grunge, hip-hop, minimalism, casual chic and deconstructivism are, in retrospect, what continues to have an impact today.

The Coffee Table Book "The 1990s Fashion Book" picks up all these vintage trends and brings them together in one complete work. A wonderful mix of it-pieces, key looks, hairstyles and make-up in the typical 90s look.

The two authors of this sparkling masterpiece are art historian Agata Toromanof and her husband Pierre Toromanoff. With around 150 exciting photographs, in this illustrated book they awaken nostalgia in people of Generation-X and provide a source of inspiration for everyone else. 

Every fashion enthusiast will enjoy the photography book "The 1990s Fashion Book" and, especially against the background of the current comeback of the 90s and the omnipresent presence of this era, will experience a guaranteed "aha" moment when looking at the pictures.

  • Publisher: Teneues
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size: 300 mm x 235 mm
  • Pages: 224 Pages
  • Illustrations: 150 colour