Muse Candle Couleur Tomate


Muse x Pop.

We took our three freshest Pop fragrances—grapefruit, tomato, sea salt—and paired them with our iconic Muse pots, each finished with a glossy bold colored interior: an elevated candle match made in scentsory heaven.

Muse Candles from soy/paraffin blend for a cleaner burn and stronger scent reach. Muse vessel can be reused once the candle is gone.

Smells like: tomato leaves, rhubarb, basil, crushed thyme, sandalwood

Feels like: the Garden of Eden, tomato plants growing on the balcony of a Roman Palazzo, July

Material: 368g soy/paraffin blend candle, Porcelain vessel

Technical: Burn time 48 hours. Always trim the wick before lighting. Do not let the candle burn all the way down—overheating will occur.

Dimensions: 9 cm