Concrete Jungle: Tropical Architecture and its Suprising Origins


Concrete Jungle presents some of the most exciting tropical houses and tells the surprising story of lush modernist architecture.

The clash of rational architecture with the organic lushness of tropical vegetation has created some of the most visionary and futuristic buildings we know.

Based on the concepts of Modernist style and Bauhaus aesthetics, tropical countries like Brazil or Mexico have developed their highly unique visions of an international style and an architecture which is both timeless and desirable, which continues to be highly influential around the globe.

In Concrete Jungle we embark on a journey through the works of architects influenced by the tropical modernist style, from Luis Barragán to Paulo Mendes da Rocha, to Marcio Kogan.

Format: 24.5 x 33 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 304 pages